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The Hidden Costs of Free or Bargain-Priced Garage or Barn Plans

Free is great, right?  Your barn or garage will be an expensive
enough project as it is, so why not cut your expenses by
starting with a free or low-priced blueprint?

Let's put it another way.  Say someone offers you a free car.

It could be a great thing, right?  Free.  Or cheap, at least.  Think of all the places you could go, or how much money you'd have left over to spend on other things.

Ah, but wait, you say.  It's not that simple!

And you'd be right!  You don't really know what shape it's in, or whether it may be about to throw a rod.  It could even be a lemon.  Why would someone give it to you for nothing?

Worst case: it could leave you stranded, and your free car
could end up costing you a bundle.

Unfortunately, most things aren't as simple as they seem on the surface.  To be sure your free or cheap car is really a good deal, you'd need to know what other costs it might bring along with it.

The same thing is true about free garage and barn plans:
you need to know how they will affect your final cost


free plans garage

Some facts about free barn plans
and free garage building plans:
  • Often, the lure of a free plan is a way to get you to look at a company's other offerings.  Then they encourage you to buy more detailed plans they have for sale.

  • Free plans carry guaranteed additional costs.  Other plans may state that "You are encouraged to have these plans evaluated for your area by a professional engineer." That will add somewhere between $150-$500 to your 'free' plans.  And they're not simply making a casual suggestion; often an engineer's analysis and signature are required by your building department in order to have your plans approved.

  • Lack of detail: free or cheap barn, garage or storage building plans leave room for interpretation regarding construction details, giving contractors leeway to tack on stiff added costs to deal with problems not anticipated by the original blueprint.  BGS plans are so thorough in their detail that guesswork and 'surprises' are not an issue.  Which keeps you within budget, no small feat in construction.

  • Partial (or no) materials lists: when you have to buy as you go along and discover the need for additional materials, you're at the mercy of whichever supplier you go to at the time.  With BGS Plans' complete materials list, you have the bargaining power to submit your complete list to several suppliers at the outset and choose the one who can give you the best package price.

  • No support when you run into problems.  Found printed on one free garage plan: "[Company] is not responsible for any costs or charges due to errors or omissions on these plans."  At BGS, we stand behind every plan we sell.  As long as you have given us the proper information when ordering a plan (say, you didn't indicate that you live in Seismic Zone 3 when you really live in Zone 4), we will personally address any concerns your building department may have with our plans.  There is no additional charge for clarification or corrections.

Remember that 'surprises' resulting from lack of
plan details almost always translate to added
cost, stress and longer building times.

Which is why we believe you'll find BGS plans your best value when all factors are considered, saving you money on your overall project and bringing your build to a successful, happy conclusion.